Please find answers to frequently asked questions about our loudspeakers here.

My Copenhagen will not start up?

It might be out of battery – Please connect Copenhagen to the mains power outlet and press the POWER button until the status indicator flashes WHITE.

Can I use a streaming music service or internet radio with Vifa products?

Yes – connect your Vifa product and your streaming device to the same Wi-Fi network with internet access, then you can live stream from the internet to your Vifa product (not all streaming devices supports this, then use Bluetooth).

Or connect your music device to your Vifa product with Bluetooth and your streaming device to the internet – if you use the mobile network for internet connection, please beware of the download price of your mobile network subscription.

I can’t connect my Bluetooth device with Copenhagen?

Copenhagen might be blocked by another paired Bluetooth device. To release a paired Bluetooth device on Copenhagen, press the “Volume up” and “Volume down” button simultaneously until the indicator flashes BLUE 3 times. After this, Copenhagen will be free to pair with a new Bluetooth device.

Can I use Bluetooth aptX to my Vifa product?

Yes – if your Bluetooth transmitting device has support A2DP, otherwise it just run standard Bluetooth.

Will the aux optical input support 24 bit signal?

Yes – the optical input will support up to 24 bit/192 kHz resolution.

Can I change the Wi-Fi Network name on my Vifa Copenhagen?

Yes – use the Vifa app or manual network set-up.

My Vifa product does not appear as AirPlay device – why?

Make sure that your Vifa product is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your device or create a direct Wi-Fi connection between your device and your Vifa product. See manual for further information.

There dropouts in the music when using Wi-Fi – why?

Your Vifa product might be out of your Wi-Fi network range – try using the direct mode instead. See manual for further information.

The Wi-Fi environment might be compromised by too many other competing Wi-Fi network trying to use the same Wi-Fi channels as your Wi-Fi network. Use Bluetooth to connect to Copenhagen.

The start-up volume of Copenhagen is too high or too low.

Use the free iOS or android app. to adjust the start-up volume of your Copenhagen.

The light intensity from the indicator is too high or too low.

Use the free iOS or android app too adjust the light intensity.

Product Registration

Please, register your loudspeaker here. In return, we prolong your product warranty by one year.


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